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Seaweed Snacks
with Benefits

Setting sail January 2022 in Denmark 

Wild Garlic & Yoghurt
Chili & Berry
Sea Salt
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No more tying yourself in knots trying to find a snack that ticks all the boxes. Wavy Wonders are built on a simple thought of being delicious, healthy, and using sustainably sourced seaweed. So you don't need to bend over backwards for a snack anymore. 

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We’re leading a rebellion to champion sea-vegetables (aka Seaweed). Because it's wildly delicious. But also because we think seaweed deserves to be recognized for its ability to…


1. Sequester carbon
2. Reverse ocean acidification
3. Grow with no added fertilizer

We’re working with the best in the business – Seaweed Solutions in Norway – to bring the Winged Kelp (Alaria Escuelenta) to your ongoing snack cravings.

Wavy Wonders aren't just about the seaweed. We've also packed them full of super seeds to give you even more of the nutrients you need.
Whether protein and fiber, or omega-3 and iodine, our superfoods have it all crammed in.

Wavy Wonders are seaweed snacks with benefits, packed full of the finest Norwegian Winged Kelp. Our product development ninjas (that worked at the world's best restaurants) added a mix of super seeds to create a nutritious & sustainable treat in three delicious flavors. That's guilt-free snacking at its finest.

We love Seaweed. Just in case that wasn’t obvious, already. 

While our co-founders - Neil & Thomas -  both grew up near water, the love of seaweed only truly took off in 2020. We were amazed by seaweed's potential to become a superfood - one that can do super things for both the planet's health and ours, too.

So we did the only reasonable thing - quit our jobs and started Wavy Wonders. We've since pulled together a kickass team of product developers, found the freshest Norwegian Seaweed, and created the tastiest snacks around (we're unbiased of course).
But as they say, the proof is in the pudding, so don't take our word for it – dive in!


Peace, Love & Seaweed.

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